We sell tires and wheels for cars trucks motorbike, we disassembly and reassembly service, structures, special structures of the complex adjustments cars, structures of racing car and super car, reconditioning, re-painting, alloy wheels, we have a workshop Mobile to provide our customers a service throughout Italy H 24 to 365 days.
Sensors tire pressure: provide service replacement assistance, supply, remapping, for all types of sensors, including the supply and assembly for car having no sensors.
We perform the storage of summer / winter tires service, alerting our customers when the period of assembly / disassembly.
We have a vast stock of tires and wheels of all kinds of brand and size, we are able to supply any type of tire, unavailable special measures. Since 1989 we are partner for Speedline alloy wheels, if your alloy wheel not find more, we are able to build a champion, in the colors, designs, more extreme measures. We stock qualsisi type of nut or bolt to the existing alloy wheels in the world. We build customized sample qualsisi type of spacer to widen the roadways for all types of off-road car or van.
All addressed to all types of vehicles, our specialty are the super car, specialization derived from 38 years of experience in the racing world and trasferrendo all know how to road cars, "FROM RACES TO YOUR CAR"
Our service is available to everyone, so we have 3 types of removal processes and installation of tires, so depending on how much you want to spend we are able to provide a personalized service, and for the sale of tires for both service disassembly and reassembly, we have 3 types of service called: a = top, B = medium, C = basic, below is the table where he explains the three types of installation with the related services and the implementing Rules.
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Types of work and method of execution


Mounting Type TOP - work A: is our type of work that includes a series of steps that we consider necessary to make during assembly of a tire, it is much more accurate and technically very valid, in which the following activities are carried out:

  • washing of the circles: They are cleaned by hand wheels and then with a special lavacerchi machine which improves the 'appearance but above all improves the' application of the counterweights and therefore the balance;
  • inner circle cleaning: internal cleansing is performed the edges of the circle where houses the rubber to keep the tire perfectly airtight and avoid annoying and dangerous loss of pressure;
  • replacement of the valve: the valves are replaced because of rubber being are subject to unavoidable deterioration due to temperature variations and to the centrifugal force of the wheel;
  • cleaning of hubs: are brushed and the plane of the flanges of the rim bearing on the hub so as to remove the 'oxide that normally form and preventing "the gluing effect" that prevents the normal detachment of the wheel from the hub (very important in case of foraturae wheel assembly emergency)*chiedi Giorgio
  • removing debris previous counterweights: the glue residues are cleaned and removed that remain when the old counterweights via a cleaning brush are removed keeping the cleanest circle and improving the balance of the same (they are not used scrapers crawling circles).
  • lubrication of hubs: a high-temperature lubricant is applied on the hubs that prevents and slows down the formation of 'oxide and allows better centering wheel / vehicle;
  • balancing perfected: a balancing is performed with an optimization system and coupling of the tire on the rim for a better and exact balancing;
  • counterweights for balancing: vengono utilizzati contrappesi addesivi e sottili  non a graffetta che rovinano i cerchi lasciando residui di ossido presenti;
  • manual tightening of the wheels: viene fatto un primo  serraggio con crociera o avvitatore elettrico ed un serraggio finale con la chiave dinanometrica in modo da dare un serraggio omogeneo e sicuro a tutti i bulloni delle ruote che la pistola pneumatica non può dare perchè priva di sistemi  di regolazione della forza di fissaggio;
  • positioning information board: viene applicato un talloncino nel quale sono riportati i dati del pneumatico, i chilometri al montaggio e le pressioni di utilizzo in modo da avere una storia del pneumatico;
  • check the spare tire: viene controllato lo stato della ruota di scorta, nelle vetture provviste, che nella maggior parte di casi è sgonfia questo per prevenire la spiacevole sospesa di pneumatico sgonfio o non idoneo all' utilizzo al momento del reale bisogno;
  • tire pressures adjusted with high precision pressure gauge: vengono ottimizzate le pressioni degli pneumatici con mamometri di altissima precisione, questo per migliorare le prestazioni e la resa chilometrica del pneumatico. 


Mounting type MEDIUM - Work B: it refers to the type of standard mounting, which is typically used dagku operators in the industry and includes:

  • balancing with adhesive weights: the wheels are balanced with adhesive weights, this improves the balancing both technically and aesthetically to the difference of the counterweights clip which over time can cause the formation of 'oxide on the circle in the contact part and unsightly;
  • manual tightening of the wheels: it is done with a first clamping cruise or electric screwdriver and a final tightening with the torque wrench in order to give a homogeneous and secure clamping to all the wheel nuts that the pneumatic gun can not give because of no fastening force adjusting systems ;
  • replacement of the valve: the valves are replaced because of rubber being are subject to unavoidable deterioration due to temperature variations and to the centrifugal force of the wheel;


Mounting type BASIC - Work C: It refers to the type of simple assembly, apply the minimum of assembly operations and indispensable for the mounting of a tire, usually practiced by workshops / car dealerships:

  • disassembly / reassembly basis: they are dismounted and remounted tires with clinching rim entirely;
  • balance basis: They are used for the external balancing counterweights in the staple;
  • replacement of the valve: they are tightened wheels with pneumatic gun;


Of course our mounting type "A" is not necessary or the only methodology to mount a tire but definitely the best we can retain it on the floor of the security in the kilometric yield of the pneumatic, namely that savings before the pay at the expense of the longevity of the tires .