The company Bellotto racing tires Service, since 1946 is a company that trades and provides sales and service of tires and alloy wheels racing and driving, car, motorbike, industrial vehicles. Our service is carried out at the premises of Este pd, with a fleet of 13 vehicles used in mobile workshops at all the race tracks and rally courses around the world, our experience gained in 38 years of racing experience, allows us to know all the problems of the pneus / wheel world both technically and logistically, always we perform tests and tests for tire manufacturers, alloy wheels, and car manufacturers.
Our structure is composed of a main office of 3200 m2, which houses the offices of the racing department, road department with adjoining mounting workshop and warehouse, the warehouse of the racing department is 1 km and 13500 m3, which are stored the temperature controlled tires to avoid thermal shock, and all the workshop truck for the transport and care of tires.
Always been our motto has been: "SPECIALISTS IN SPECIAL THINGS," we have always distinguished themselves by very sophisticated methods of work, unknown methods of competition, gained in 38 years of racing experience, both in the racing department that find usage in the road department specific equipment designed by us, to improve the quality of work and to do work in the best way the technical ns, always carry out assembly of the tires on the rims, previously heated with a gear Made in Bellotto, ns el idea of ​​building a rasp to change profile tire of this, two examples we have them built in 2002 specifically for formula 1 racing team and Michelin. The knowledge gained in competitions around the world brought us into contact with all the major stores of world-level tires, this allows us to supply any type of existing tires in the world in record time.
We are a fast flexible company, able to provide any type of service, in real time, just in time for us is the norm, that our clients will be the car tire manufacturers, alloy wheels, team, driver or customer road , can take advantage of assistance fast specifications, so as to minimize the dwell times or estimation to an event / test, or simply solve a depannage, we can organize real-time tests or assistance worldwide .