Like all fairy tales, Our begins with "Once upon a time".
It was 1948; Bellotto Amelio, Giorgio's father, returning from the Second World War, decided to put into practice the experience gained as a truck driver, during which sensed the enormous advantage of the inflated tire air compared to steel wheels.
Thus began the adventure of the tire in a small garage in the center of Este, working on tractors, at that time almost all equipped with steel wheels, equipping them with tires with compressed air.
The intuition proved correct, and allows Amelio to lay the foundation for future success; but a solid foundation must always go hand in hand with the desire to constantly improve; so in 1955 he conceived and built a "disassembles-tires" Manual (until then the tires are dismantled by hand).
Following the economic boom, Italy ranging motorizzandosi, and Amelio continues to ride successfully automobile progress.
Meanwhile, in 1958, was born the second son Giorgio, the actual owner of the company, which proves fascinated since childhood by his father's work. Giorgio began to work with his father in 1977.
In 1979 George, who for 6 years in motocross racing (with a certain Miki Biasion), always accompanied by his Celestino Michele indicator, he meets an old friend former motocross rider, past the 4 wheels of the rally as a navigator: the request is a supply racing tires for cars, unknown business for him until then. George agrees: it is the turning point.
In that year in Italy there were two tire that managed 80% of the market, while 39 others shared the remaining 20%. The entry into the scene in George area is the tire!
Finding space to work seems impossible in such difficult periods, but with the help of the fledgling team and the city of Monselice on the staff entrance of the legendary Michele (the indicator of George at the time of motocross, which later became the manager of the company competitions ) the work begins to grow, and every year more and more pilots rely on Bellotto tires, which later became Bellotto Racing.
1985 begins the great following the Ford Marlboro Team Spain, where the pilot Antonio Zanini, while the team manager is a certain Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of MotoGP present.
Meanwhile the work on the tires is matched-up work, and together the story is enriched with new anecdotes, as in the DATA when the Ferrari 308 of the Promotor Sport are trimmed "Made in Este" in the original location in the center: the evening , the power of the legendary quiet center of the small town 8 Ferrari, cylinders became a racetrack, and Via Guido Negri seemed the starting grid for a race, with all due respect for law enforcement (which, however, to the roar of that masterpiece They closed a blind eye).
This experience, like many others, is of decisive importance in understanding how the tires work, in ensuring excellent results, while in the meantime the 44 tire shops in Italy every year it disappears someone: the Olympus ascent (of racing and not) continues.
In 1992 Bellotto Racing Ford became sole Italian manufacturer, and with the pilot Cunico won the stage of the World Rally Sanremo.
Appetite comes with eating, and the only commitment rally does not satisfy more Our thirst for competition. So in 1993 he takes to the track, in style, the front door: the Michelin entrusts the service of the BMW factory teams, Alpha and Opel for the Italian Championship Super tourism. From the ashes of the CIS, in 2000, founded the European Touring Car Championship, Michelin relies once again to Us.
Scratch volumes continue to increase, and also must be parameterized; for this reason in 1995 it inaugurated the present location in Via Ateste, offering a 3600m2 space, where everything seems great. The fleet increased from 3 to 8 trucks, also increases the workforce.
In 2002, almost in disbelief, George and Michael are called by the same Michelin F1 race in Imola, not as spectators, but to make the raspature on the front tires. Michele is literally inside the armored truck at a controlled temperature; thanks to his experience gained in 10 years of running a superturismo working to perfection allowing Ralf Schumacher to win the GP, the first victory of a Michelin-shod car in F1.
The same desire to be always one step ahead that animated Amelio pushes George to produce on behalf of Michelin F1 2 rasps "Made in Bellotto" that are used throughout the F1 world championship in DATE. The partnership with Michelin continues to grow, up to the award of a number of winter tests for the Moto GP 500, where you always use rasps "Made in Este". From this experience at the end of test is produced a rasping exclusively designed for motorcycles.
Meanwhile, the CET become WTCC World Championship; Bellotto Racing was entrusted with the supply of Michelin tires until 2005, then replaced by the provider (and our current partner) Yokohama.
Closed parenthesis WTCC, Michelin continues to rely on our service for the GT World Championship, and the DATE our portfolio races has enriched the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. In 2016 we also deal with the motorcycle racing sector, we distribute tires Dunlop circuit.
The large 3600m2 hangar meanwhile has become small, because the fleet reaches 30 among truck trucks, vans and several support vessels. A new racing department is a structure of 13500m2, located 1km from the main office.
It 'a shed that will share with the head office many traits that contribute to identify the family feeling, and as always at the forefront: the tires will be stored at a controlled temperature to avoid thermal shock with soffisticati antitheft systems for safety.
Today, 38 years after the beginning of this adventure, tire specialists in Italy are 4, and We, Bellotto Racing, we have become an international leader, always alongside the best riders Rally, Track and Ascent, drawing on experiences of each of them and offering them our own.
"And like all fairy tales that you respect all lived happy in happy. Not really, but certainly I am happy and proud to have carried out the dream of a company that, with ups and downs, still goes on giving me strong emotions. Those same emotions that motivate us always, and allow me, with the help of my staff, to wake up every morning and thank my father for giving me the opportunity to do this work.